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Understanding the Dangers of Polybutylene

At PB Pipe Guys, we’re deeply aware of the vital role your home’s plumbing system plays—it’s the heartbeat of your residence, ensuring the delivery of clean, safe water and the efficient disposal of waste.

Yet, if your home was constructed between the 1970s and the mid-1990s, there’s a chance it’s equipped with polybutylene piping. This material is known for jeopardizing the structural integrity of your plumbing system and, more critically, the safety of your family. This is why opting to repipe your home, particularly if it includes polybutylene pipes, is not just advised—it’s imperative.

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Why Repipe
Why Repipe

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The Issue with Polybutylene (PB) Pipes

Polybutylene (PB) pipes, initially celebrated for their affordability and ease of installation, have revealed a critical flaw over time. It turns out, that a polybutylene pipe adversely interact with chlorine and various chemicals present in municipal water supplies, causing them to deteriorate. This deterioration can lead to unexpected leaks, bursts, and extensive water damage to your property, frequently catching homeowners off guard.

Signs Your Home May Have Polybutylene Piping

Year Built

Homes constructed from the 1970s to the mid-1990s are most likely to have PB pipes.

Visible Plumbing

PB pipes are usually gray, but they can also be blue or black and are often found near the water heater or coming into the home.

Recurring Plumbing Issues

Frequent leaks or unexplained water damage could be signs of failing PB pipes.

Why You Should Consider Repiping Your Home


Safeguard Your Residence

Avoiding catastrophic leaks and bursts from deteriorating PB pipes can protect your home from mold, structural damage, and the need for costly repairs.


Sidestep Insurance Complications

Insurance companies often hesitate to cover homes with PB piping, sometimes denying coverage or imposing steep deductibles.


Boost Property Value

Removing PB piping not only makes your home more appealing to potential buyers and insurers but can also increase its market value.


Gain Peace of Mind

Being assured that your home is free from the notorious risks associated with PB pipes can provide significant relief and safety for your family and property.


Modernize Your Plumbing

Repiping allows for the upgrade of your plumbing infrastructure to contemporary, efficient materials like PEX, enhancing water pressure and reducing the need for future maintenance.


Update Aging Copper Pipes

Corrosion in older copper pipes can result in leaks and affect water quality. Transitioning to newer materials can address these issues.


Eliminate Kitec Piping

Kitec piping, used from the 1990s until 2007, suffers from the same vulnerabilities as PB pipes. Its replacement is essential to avert leaks and potential damage.


Accommodate Modern Water Needs

Today’s homes require plumbing systems capable of supporting multiple bathrooms, large appliances, and high-efficiency fixtures. Repiping ensures your system is equipped to handle current and future water usage demands efficiently.

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