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Is It Time to Replace Your Galvanized Steel Pipes?

Many Atlanta homes still have galvanized steel plumbing, which over time can lead to a range of issues from reduced water quality to frequent leaks. PB Pipe Guys Atlanta specializes in replacing these outdated systems with superior PEX piping. Choose a modern, more efficient plumbing solution that ensures both safety and reliability tailored specifically for the unique needs of Atlanta homes.
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Galvanized Steel Home Repiping
Galvanized Steel Home Repiping
Galvanized Steel Home Repiping

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Galvanized Steel Piping Challenges

Galvanized steel, once a standard plumbing material, now often contributes to plumbing headaches, especially in older Atlanta homes:

Rust and Corrosion

Galvanized steel pipes corrode internally over time, restricting water flow and compromising water quality.

Water Pressure Issues

The buildup of rust and sediment inside these pipes often results in low water pressure, affecting daily household activities.

Frequent Leaks

The corrosion process weakens the pipe walls, making them more prone to leaks, which can cause significant damage to your home.

Potential for Lead Contamination

Older galvanized pipes may have been connected with lead-based soldering material, raising serious health concerns.

Decreased Home Value

Galvanized piping can lower home resale value as buyers are cautious about associated problems it may bring.

Environmental Impact

The production and disposal of galvanized steel have a higher environmental footprint compared to more modern materials.


PEX Piping Advantages

Opting for PEX piping when replacing old galvanized steel has several advantages, particularly for homeowners in Atlanta:

Resistance to Corrosion

Unlike galvanized steel, PEX does not corrode or degrade over time, maintaining water quality and system integrity.

Improved Water Pressure

PEX does not accumulate rust or sediment, which means it consistently maintains good water pressure throughout the home.

Longevity and Durability

PEX is designed to last with minimal maintenance requirements, reducing long-term costs and hassle for homeowners.

Health and Safety

PEX pipes, crafted from non-toxic materials, safeguard family health by preventing chemical leaching into water.

Eco-Friendly Choice

PEX is eco-friendly in production and disposal, being recyclable and supporting sustainable living practices.

Cost-Effective Installation

PEX’s flexibility and lightness enable faster, simpler installations with fewer connections, reducing installation expenses.


Transitioning from Galvanized Steel to PEX with PB Pipe Guys

We are well-versed in the specific challenges posed by old galvanized steel plumbing in Atlanta homes and offer a detailed, customer-focused approach


Thorough System Evaluation

We begin with a complete assessment of your current plumbing system to accurately plan the transition to PEX.


Customized Repiping Strategy

Our plans are tailored to your home’s specific needs, designed to minimize disruption and maximize the efficiency of your new PEX system.


Professional Installation

Our expert technicians ensure a seamless installation process, transforming your plumbing system with precision and care.

Experience a New Standard in Home Plumbing

Imagine turning on a tap and experiencing clean, clear water and robust water pressure every time. That’s the peace of mind PEX repiping offers.
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