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Upgrade From Flexible Copper Tubing to High-Performance PEX

While flexible copper tubing home repiping has been a popular choice for plumbing in many Atlanta homes due to its durability and reliability, it’s not without its issues. At PB Pipe Guys Atlanta, we specialize in upgrading these systems to PEX piping, offering enhanced performance, reduced maintenance, and improved longevity perfectly suited to the demands of Atlanta’s residential plumbing.

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Flexible Copper Tubing Home Repiping
Flexible Copper Tubing Home Repiping
Flexible Copper Tubing Home Repiping

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Challenges with Flexible Copper Tubing Home Repiping

While flexible copper tubing is less susceptible to corrosion than rigid pipes, it still encounters performance and longevity issues.

Corrosion Over Time

Even flexible copper can develop pinhole leaks due to corrosion, which can lead to significant water damage and costly repairs.

Material Cost

Copper is generally more expensive than alternative materials like PEX, both in terms of initial material costs and installation.

Thermal Expansion

Temperature-induced expansion and contraction in copper tubing can cause structural fatigue and eventual failure.

Water Quality Issues

In some cases, the copper can leach into the water, posing potential health risks over long-term exposure.

Installation Challenges

While more flexible than rigid pipes, copper tubing still requires more labor-intensive installation than more modern materials.

Environmental Impact

The mining, refining, and processing of copper have a greater environmental impact than sustainable alternatives like PEX.


Benefits of PEX Over Flexible Copper Tubing

Upgrading to PEX from flexible copper tubing offers numerous advantages, especially in the context of Atlanta homes

Enhanced Durability

PEX is corrosion-resistant, preventing pinhole leaks and ensuring your plumbing’s longevity without unexpected failures.

Reduced Costs

PEX typically incurs lower material and installation costs compared to copper, offering a budget-friendly repiping solution.

Thermal Stability

PEX shows minimal thermal expansion, preserving its structural integrity despite temperature fluctuations over time.

Better Water Quality

PEX does not leach substances into the water, ensuring that your home’s water supply remains clean and safe for consumption.

Flexibility and Easy Installation

PEX’s superior flexibility allows for easier, faster installation, reducing labor costs and minimizing disruption to your home.


PEX offers eco-friendliness in production and disposal, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners.


Smooth Transition from Flexible Copper to PEX with PB Pipe Guys Atlanta

Our approach to replacing flexible copper tubing with PEX is thorough, considerate, and tailored to the specific needs of your home


Initial Home Plumbing Assessment

We conduct a detailed evaluation of your existing copper tubing to identify the specific needs and challenges of replacing it with PEX.


Customized Repiping Plan

Based on the assessment, we develop a repiping plan that minimizes household disruption while maximizing the benefits of PEX.


Efficient and Professional Installation

Our experienced technicians ensure a quick and clean installation, providing a seamless transition to a more reliable plumbing system.

Experience the Future of Plumbing with PEX

Imagine turning on every faucet with confidence, knowing your advanced PEX plumbing system provides reliable, clean, and efficient water flow.
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