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Time to Replace Your Aging ABS Pipes

In Atlanta’s challenging urban and climatic conditions, ABS pipes may no longer suffice. Increased plumbing issues signal the need for an upgrade such as ABS home repiping. PB Pipe Guys Atlanta excels in replacing outdated ABS systems with superior PEX piping, ensuring enhanced durability, efficiency, and safety tailored for Atlanta residences.

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ABS Home Repiping
ABS Home Repiping
ABS Home Repiping

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ABS Plumbing Challenges

ABS piping, once popular, presents numerous challenges, especially in cities like Atlanta with unique environmental factors.

Prone to Cracking

ABS can become brittle over time, especially under exposure to cold temperatures or UV light, leading to cracks and leaks.

Chemical Sensitivity

Certain chemicals can degrade ABS, which may cause structural weaknesses and eventual failures.

Limited Temperature Range

ABS may not perform well under high temperatures, which can be a problem with hot water lines and Atlanta’s summer heat.

Noise Levels

ABS is known for being noisier than other piping materials when water flows through, which can be disruptive.

Environmental Concerns

ABS is not as eco-friendly in terms of production and disposal compared to more modern materials like PEX.

Age and Obsolescence

As ABS ages, the risks associated with its durability and functionality increase, making it less reliable than newer materials.


Advantages of PEX Piping

Transitioning from ABS to PEX piping provides substantial benefits for Atlanta residences.

Superior Durability

PEX does not become brittle over time and is resistant to both high and low temperatures, making it ideal for the Atlanta climate.

Chemical Resistance

PEX is highly resistant to chemical damage, ensuring longevity and structural integrity even in areas with complex water chemistry.

Flexibility and Ease of Installation

The flexibility of PEX allows for easier installation and fewer joints, reducing potential leak points and overall installation costs.

Quieter Operation

PEX significantly reduces the noise associated with water flow, providing a quieter and more peaceful home environment.

Environmental Efficiency

PEX aligns with Atlanta’s eco-consciousness, being environmentally friendly in production and disposal.


PEX’s easy installation and low maintenance make it cost-effective long-term compared to ABS


Our ABS to PEX Transition Service for Atlanta Homes

PB Pipe Guys Atlanta understands the unique plumbing challenges of local homes. We offer a detailed and considerate approach to transitioning from ABS to PEX:


Comprehensive Plumbing Assessment

Our initial step involves a thorough evaluation of your existing ABS system to identify all the upgrade needs and potential challenges.


Tailored Repiping Plan

We develop a customized plan that aims to minimize disruption and maximize the benefits of upgrading to PEX.


Expert, Efficient Installation

Our experienced team ensures a swift and professional installation, quickly bringing your home plumbing up to modern standards.

Rediscover Peace of Mind with PEX Plumbing and ABS Home Repiping

Imagine a home where plumbing issues are a thing of the past. With PEX repiping and expert pipe fitting techniques, you can look forward to reliable, quiet, and efficient plumbing every day.

PVC Home Repiping

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